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Drunk Driver Crashes Into CNN’s Atlanta Headquarters

An Atlanta motorist was arrested after crashing his vehicle in CNN’s headquarter. According to AJC, the driver’s Mercedes-Benz convertible crashed through the glass facade on the Marietta Street side of the building shortly after 4 a.m. The man was arrested, and get this, he was in possession of marijuana, and he admitted to the cops

Donkey Move: Kia Hamster and Backup Dancer For Madonna, Chris Brown Charged With Disability Fraud

If you think the government isn’t watching then you may end up like this idiot. A former backup dancer for Madonna, Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland has been charged with disability fraud in California after he was caught working. Leroy Barnes reportedly collected over $51,000 in worker’s compensation benefits in 2010 and 2011 after suffering injuries when a piece

Hilarity! Wedding Party Falls in Lake

This may be a lesson for something not to do at a wedding. In the below hilarious video, a wedding party is seen taking pictures on an old boardwalk before it gives way sending them into the lake. Shouts to the people all the way to the right, who were able to skip the dip…

Love & Hip Hop! Between You and Me or Is It?

When you are pillow talking about intimate topics with your significant other, is it wrong for them to bring that conversation to another so-called friend of the opposite sex? Typically, I say No, but others seem to think differently. For example, Love & Hip Hop reality TV star Lil Scrappy disclosed personal information to a friend of