Love & Hip Hop! Between You and Me or Is It?




When you are pillow talking about intimate topics with your significant other, is it wrong for them to bring that conversation to another so-called friend of the opposite sex? Typically, I say No, but others seem to think differently. For example, Love & Hip Hop reality TV star Lil Scrappy disclosed personal information to a friend of his, Erica P, about his boo Bambi. Erica P caught a face full of fist because she opened her mouth about Bambi’s miscarriage.

For those who watched the punch episode, was Bambi justified for taking it there or did she over react? Should Erica P have tried to empathize without being a friend of Bambi’s?

Point is, Erica P and Bambi are not friendly enough for Erica to make the comment, so more than likely she has another motive. Only close friends and family of both parties (Scrappy and Bambi) should have that privilege. A fight may not be the final answer, but hey…this is ratchet TV.

You be the judge! What do you think?

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