Love & Stalker: Sanaa Lathan’s Stalker Caught Sleeping in Her Home



It’s rough being a celebrity now-a-days! If dealing with a highly opinionated and sometimes vulgar social world wasn’t enough, now you have to deal with bolder stalkers.

This is a problem that “Love & Basketball” actress Sanaa Lathan is facing. According to TMZ, her stalker, 28-year-old Shawn Caples, was found sleeping in her laundry room last Friday by contractors and tried claiming he was her hubby… crazy!

Lathan has a restraining order against the guy, but Shawn don’t care. He came back days later and Lathan cussed at him and called the cops. In court documents, she stated that she hid in fear.

The man was arrested and currently in jail. He’s been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Lathan once he’s released.

What happened to the days when stalkers only showed up at places you appeared?

Keep that hot oil in the frying pan!

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