Moving On Up! Angie Martinez Snags Afternoons With Power 105 After Dropping Hot 97, Plus Station Beef



Well that was fast!

After announcing her resignation from New York radio station Hot 97 on Wednesday (June 18), listeners began speculating Angie Martinez’s next move. Well folks, the radio host legend has signed on with the competition, NY’s Power 105.1, in hopes of expanding her brand.

“I want to thank, Thea Mitchem, Tom Poleman and Doc Wynter for this incredible opportunity,” Martinez said in a statement. “I’m excited to join Power 105.1 in New York and The Beat in Miami and expand my brand even further in the coming months.”

“Angie is the Queen of New York City radio — she is an incredible talent who continues to blaze trails and we are excited to have her join the team at Power 105.1 and The Beat in Miami,” Thea Mitchem, senior vice president of Programming — Major Markets for Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, adds. “Angie has a long, successful history and we look forward to expanding her distinctive style and compelling content to more of our listeners.”

Martinez will continue to air in the afternoons in her new spot, Angie Afternoons, from 2pm-6pm; the show will also air on 103.5 The Beat in Miami.

Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” radio host Peter Rosenberg was said to see Martinez go and had some kind words for the radio Queen.

“She is not only one of the greatest personalities in hip-hop radio history,” he said. “First of all, she is the greatest personality in hip-hop radio history. … No one has endeared themselves to the people to this city the way Angie Martinez has. She is literally what New York sounds like.”

With all the hoopla surrounding Angie’s exit, there is also beef brewing between former Hot 97 radio host Star (of Star and Bucwild) and Ebro. In a ferocious twitter feud, Star called Ebro a snitch and claims he helped sent Lil Kim to jail (She served 1 year and a day in fed prison in ‘05).

“I may have said some f*cked up things about black females but Ive never helped Police send one to jail. #ebro #hot97 #lilkim,” post Star. “Ive also got the Police statement from @oldmanebro who helped send Lil’ Kim to jail for one year!! #snitch #hot97.”

Visit his Twitter to read more.

It seems Hot 97 is a sinking ship after dropping to Number 16 as a morning show!

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