Racism at Its Finest: White Woman Calls Black Man a Ni**er Repeatedly



It hurts my heart to watch this clip!

As a black man, I will not write anything to insult this woman, because it’s clear she is already destroying herself. In the video below, a white woman goes off on a black man after he started his car, which allegedly scared her kids. Speaking to the man like he was beneath her, she repeatedly called him the N-Word or racist Ni**er (What a contradiction).

During the whole melee, even as she states that she is calling the cops or her husband to come beat him up, the man keeps his cool, letting viewers know the kind of environment he lives in.

She also admits to stripping for police to make herself get out of any trouble.

I feel a certain way after watching this disgusting clip. Obviously racism is alive and kicking, it’s just hard to consume when it’s point blank.

The sad part is those kids are going to grow up just like her, and probably will hate black people too.


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