Is Nicki Minaj Jealous or Scared of Iggy Azalea? Her Boyfriend Nick Young Thinks So!



Either Nicki Minaj is jealous of Iggy Azalea or possibly scared that her long-standing reign as the top female in hip-hop may be coming to an end … That’s the thought from Azalea’s boyfriend, NBA baller Nick Young.

This all stems from last month’s BET Awards after Minaj slammed artists for not writing their own music, insisting, “What I want the world to know about Nicki Minaj is when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.”

Although Minaj has denied that her speech was aimed at the 24-year-old “Fancy” hit-maker, many a fan and people close to Iggy feel different, especially her man.

“Iggy is doing big things and that is what is scaring people,” Lakers star Nick Young told The Daily News. “She is going to brush it off. She won’t let it get to her. She is number one — what can you do? She’s at the top right now, so of course they are going to come at you.”

Iggy, who said she was “unbothered by anything that ‘happened’ at the BET awards,” was putting on her game face, because according to Young, the remarks really got to her.

“I had to deal with the aftermath of all that,” he adds. “…when she came home and was going through her phones, hearing everybody talking trash about her. I had to be there for her.”

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