Usher Charges His iPhone in Woman’s Vagina (Photos)



Yes, you read that correctly… Imagine it being this pleasurable to charge your iPhone (sorry droid users).

Grammy Award-winning R&B singer Usher paid a nude woman $20 bucks to charge his cell phone for 10 minutes on Wednesday. Apparently, the naked lady had the battery pack jammed in her Vagina.

Obviously this wasn’t some street corner gig. The occurrence happened at Art Basel, which is currently going on in Miami, and the message behind the whole thing is to show how people today rely on technology.

We could think of tons of ways to get this point across, but this is for art, and who wouldn’t want to see a super-charged vagina?

Fun Fact: The woman tells TMZ she could take two phones at the same time.

She may be in the wrong business!

Click next to see the photos via TMZ

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